Excavations in Akrotiri

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Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Excavations in Akrotiri began in 1967. They are still ongoing today. Thanks to the covering of a thick layer of volcanic ash, the old city, located on the Greek island of Santorini, is exceptionally well preserved.

The remains of surviving three-story houses and other architecturally complex buildings, as well as the arrangement of public sewers and roads, were found on the site of ancient Akrotiri. Inside the buildings, many household items and beautiful pottery were found. The frescoes preserved on the walls of the buildings testify to the ancient inhabitants' love of art.

Archaeology excavations 

Excavations are being conducted where a Bronze Age settlement, which dates back to the Minoan civilization, was located in ancient times. The location of this site is near the small modern town of Akrotiri, which gave it its name.

Thanks to excavations, it was found that before being destroyed by a volcanic eruption, the ancient city was densely populated and had a remarkably well-developed infrastructure. The surviving pieces of furniture, vessels of various shapes and sizes, figurines, tools, and other remnants of artifacts are evidence of the settlement's developed culture. 

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