Etihad Museum in Dubai

The place where most tourists want to go on their first visit to Dubai is the Etihad Museum. This is an incredible location that fascinates with futurism and tradition. The authors of this building were able to combine seemingly completely different things in our understanding: modernity and history. We recommend adding this place to your UAE sightseeing plan.

Do you want to know the opening hours of the establishment for the excursion?

Etihad Museum is a historical museum that contains a lot of photo and video materials about interesting historical facts. The main emphasis of the information falls on the period of formation of the country of the United Arab Emirates - this is 1968 - 1974. It's not difficult to get here. You must book your tickets in advance online or locally. The establishment opens at 10 am, so you will have enough timings to explore everything you are interested in and delve deeper into the culture of Dubai.

The Etihad Museum building fascinates with its mystery. It is an architectural work of art. The peculiarity of its construction is to represent the embodiment of history: the curved white roof symbolizes the page of the constitution, and the seven columns are the pens with which the declaration of the unification of the country was signed. Among the locations and installations about the history of the UAE, you can see what concerns local residents and their development, what contribution they made to the development of not only their country, but also the world community.

22:00 pm – closing time of the famous Dubai Museum

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