Dune Buggy in Dubai

One of the types of entertainment in Dubai is a buggy ride, which can last up to one hour. You can ride with an experienced driver or drive the car yourself. Want to have a dizzying race with friends? Choose a suitable buggy, considering the driving experience, and go ahead through the desert dunes. You will get a thrill from an exciting journey through the endless expanses of sand, moving on a buggy at a convenient pace.

There is an age limit for buggy rides.

The minimum age to drive a buggy is 16 years old. Pregnant women and children under 5 cannot participate in the trip.

Such a sports car of a lightweight, open type:

  • Allows you to overcome off-road at high speed;
  • It is popular among vacationers - lovers of thrills;
  • It is easy to operate;
  • Has excellent maneuverability;
  • Has a robust and stable structure.
  • Equipped with the necessary protective equipment (helmets and seat belts).

Activities cost - from $40

Buggies in Dubai are used for riding on the sand dunes. This comfortable transport is ideal for extreme driving in unusual and challenging conditions to get vivid and unforgettable impressions. Most buggy models can withstand a weight limit of up to 200 kg. They can reach speeds of 60 km/h and more. A buggy ride at the best price is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the ride and the stunning landscapes of the red sand dunes. Your impressions will be pleasant and memorable.

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