Dubai Weather in 2023

Vacation in Dubai is divided into several categories. Tourists choose between high or low season, beach season, surfing and diving season, sale season, or cruise season. In addition, the most suitable months or even weeks for visiting the UAE are selected according to the trip's goals. In this article, we will briefly talk about the weather in Dubai - a rapidly developing city built in the middle of the desert.

What is the air temperature in the UAE in February?

We have the most suitable period for visiting the UAE ahead. November to March is considered velvety. Accordingly, if you are going on a trip in January or February, you will experience all the charms and benefits of this climate. A pleasant temperature of +23 - +28 degrees is observed at this time. Low season - April - October. These are very hot months: the temperature stays at +36 degrees in April-May and September-October, and it even reaches +50 degrees in summer.

What to do in Dubai in December?

What period in 2023 will be the most suitable for traveling to Dubai for excursions? All excursions are exclusively urban: dizzying skyscrapers, luxury hotels, man-made Palm Islands, the world's first Ferrari theme park, Dubai International Trade Center, and others. There are still several historical monuments here, among the architectural tricks and luxury. For example, the Dubai National Museum, the ethnographic village "Heritage Village", the main symbol of the Muslim world of the Arab Emirates, the Jumeirah Mosque, and the old quarter of Bastakiya. The best time to participate in excursions is the second half of autumn, winter, and early spring. The cultural and educational rest can be diluted with trips to the beach at this time.

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