Dubai Opera

Among the coastline's entertainment, fun, and relaxation, Dubai is famous for its cultural heritage. One of them is the main stage of the United Arab Emirates – Dubai Opera. This is a majestic structure that captivates with its beauty and sophistication. It is the premier beacon of performing arts in the Middle East. It is a place where artistic languages and creative expressions from all over the world converge and mingle. We recommend that you enjoy the performance from the front rows.

Exquisite interior and unique seating plan for the comfort of spectators

Dubai Opera strives to build a more vibrant and inclusive society through excellence in the arts, placing Dubai at the forefront of the global cultural stage. She presents shows that influence people's views, their perception of cultural heritage, and historical values. Everyone can get acquainted with the repertoire on the official website and choose a performance that is close in spirit or desirable to study.

At the same time, the house location is convenient enough to get there without effort. The Opera District is located in one of the city's most prestigious areas - Downtown Dubai. Right next to the Dubai Mall metro station are the Opera, world-famous musical fountains, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, and the best restaurants and hotels in the city. The purpose of its construction was the desire of Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum to create a cultural place that unites countries and continents, peoples and cultures.

Adhere to a discreet style of clothing without a specified dress code when visiting the Opera.

In addition to attending performances at the Dubai Opera, anyone can book an excursion - an architectural tour, the timing of which is 45 minutes and costs $40 per person. Here, you can learn more about the construction, the construction process, nuances, and cultural considerations. In the interior design, the designers used natural wood, sparkling crystals, and luxurious fabrics. In the foyer hangs a huge cascading chandelier with billions of tiny glass pearls. There is no analog to this work in the world.

This location can also become the best place in Dubai for photography. Our team organizes filming with a flying dress, moments that will be remembered forever. You can view our work on the website in the Portfolio section. If you are interested in our service, leave a request on the website or conveniently contact us.

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