Dubai Frame in UAE

Discover Dubai's historical past on one side and its developed today on the other through contemplation of the majestic Dubai Frame. This work of art serves as a symbol of innovation for the city. It attracts visitors from all over the world to experience mesmerizing sunsets with incredible city views.

Do you want to know the entry time to Dubai's most famous historical location?

Dubai Frame is located in the local Zabeel Park in the UAE. The design of the Dubai Frame, which has a rectangular shape, has been recognized by many architects and artists for its ideal structural balance, which has attracted so much interest from visitors to the country. It is a symbol in a futuristic style that tells visitors about the city's past, future, and present. His museum resembles a fantastic spaceship of the future, preserving Dubai's entire history and culture. The multimedia exhibition chronicles the development of Dubai from a fishing village to a metropolis of opportunity. Museum visitors can take the panoramic high-speed lifts to the Top and walk along the glass walkway on the Top of the Frame bridge. The entrance to the building is open all year round, even on weekends and holidays. You can find all the valuable information from 9:00 to 21:00.

To visit Dubai Frame, you must know how to reach it via the metro. The museum is in Zabeel Park, so the most convenient way is to take the red line to the Max Fashion station. You can take the shortest route through the park by paying 60 dirhams.

Where is the location of the main symbol of the city of Dubai in UAE?

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