Dubai Currency Exchange Rate

We would like to caution that this article about the UAE currency is for informational purposes only. You can find out the latest information about the exchange rate, ranking among other existing ones, inflation rates and other economic indicators at the currency exchange center in Dubai, banks, financial institutions or the Internet.

The national currency of the UAE is the dirham, which was introduced into use only in 1973 and now it has its own position among others. What is the exchange rate? When traveling to this country, you can get local currency by exchanging one currency for another. You can do this in advance in your country or at your place of arrival. For example, in relation to 1 dollar, the value of dirhams for the period January 2024 is 3.68 AED, to 1 euro - 4 AED, to 1 pound - 4.6 AED. This is a fairly common currency, so there will be no problems exchanging it in another country.

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