Diving Sites in Santorini

Diving in Santorini:

  • provides an opportunity to see the underwater world with its inhabitants;
  • does not require any special training; a short course is enough;
  • is suitable not only for adults but also for children;
  • is considered to be an excellent type of active vacation that involves scuba diving.

Scuba diving in Kamari involves a long dive under water. It is worth contacting Volcano Dive Center or the Navy's Waterworld for its implementation. Professional instructors will help you master special equipment and have an unforgettable diving experience.

There are many diving sites in Santorini.

Inside Caldera Lagoon, right next to the volcano, are sites that are used for diving by divers of all skill levels. Near Kamari Beach, Santorini's caves offer underwater exploration. Around the island of Nea Kameni, shipwrecks in the depths are interesting objects for divers.

Sky diving in Santorini is an aviation sport and entertainment for tourists using parachutes. This type of free fall from jumping out of an airplane can be performed by anyone, but only with an instructor.

Best in Fira, a way of active recreation for tourists

Cliff jumping in Santorini is carried out in natural conditions. The diver is set up to jump, which takes only a few seconds. The moment of immersion in the water is considered the most dangerous. 

Skydiving is a popular type of active vacation in Greece, which allows you to get into a fascinating world and get incredible sensations of free fall. You don't need any special preparation to make a jump. Experienced trainers will fly with you, guaranteeing the complete safety of the flight. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sky and sea airspace, and get adrenaline. Tandem skydiving is performed from a height of 12,000 feet. It is currently considered the safest way of entertainment for beginner jumpers. 

Santorini Dress's professional team will help you preserve the unforgettable experience on video and photos. 

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