Direct Flights to Maldives

When choosing a resort for a carefree vacation, consider the Maldives. Someone talks about the excellent price and immensity of desire. But this is different for those who dream of visiting this place. After all, you can choose any suitable way of travel, island, and resort, or stay in the hotel at the Malé. We invite you to familiarize yourself with information about the Indian coast on our santorinidress website and additional services during your vacation.

 Do you want to find the best direct way of air transfer to the islands?

There are direct charter flights to the Maldives. But in most cases, it is better to choose the option with a transfer for convenient travel. So, for example, getting from the USA and the UK will only be possible with a change of course in Qatar. You will be transferred by water or air transfer to the hotel after arrival in Malé. And in no time, you will find yourself in a heavenly place with a chic villa, your own pool, and an open terrace on the ocean shore.

Instead, there are direct flights to the Maldives from the Emirates. Their cost is from $1,000, and the flight lasts 4-5 hours. It is worth remembering that tourists must pay taxes and fees upon arrival at the hotel. There is a rule to collect a 12% tax, as well as a service fee of about 10%, plus a $6 environmental tax for each day guests stay on the islands. Such a trip is costly, but the result is worth it. The long flight to Maldives ia small compared to the scenery and the service you get in return. 

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