Direct Flights from Venice to Santorini

Venice is a beautiful city in an ancient region of Italy that welcomes tourists from all over the world. It is popular because it does not have roads that are familiar to us. Water flows through its streets and there are boats and gondolas. Even though it is a tourist destination, its residents also love to travel. And a frequent choice of their destination is the island of Santorini – a flight from Italy to Greece.

Do you want to know how quickly and comfortably to get to the island of Greece?

Greece has created comfortable conditions so that tourists from all over the world can quickly and safely get on vacation. You can come to the island for relaxation by your own car, using a ferry, or by plane. There is a direct flight from Venice to Santorini, which is a very comfortable way. The flight time is 2.5 hours, and the ticket price is quite reasonable - approximately $100 per person one way.

Upon arrival in Greece, you will be able to enjoy peace and tranquility, unlike the noisy and crowded Venice. Here you will be delighted by white houses with blue roofs, high cliffs with pools near the cliffs and breathtaking sunsets. We provide more information about traveling to Santorini on the pages of our online guide santorinidress. Here you can find information about the best hotels, popular places, attractions and entertainment.

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