Dinner in the Sky in Dubai

Sky Dinner Dubai offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Enjoy fine dining and stunning views from 50 meters above the ground.
  • Get new sensations and vivid, unforgettable impressions that have never been experienced.

Restaurant opening hours

The restaurant offers the following day:

  • 2 lunches (the first starts at 14:00 and the second at 15:30);
  • 1 afternoon tea - from 17:00;
  • 3 dinners (with sessions starting at 18:30, 20:00 and 21:50).

Each event lasts about 1.5 hours, of which the actual time spent at altitude and the time of eating is 55 minutes. Some time (up to 20 minutes) is spent preparing and seating guests and raising and lowering the platform.

Choose the session that suits you best by time and book a place for lunch or Dinner in an unrivaled restaurant in the sky. The restaurant for Dinner in the Sky Dubai is designed for 22 visitors. The tables are on a unique platform that rises into the sky using a telescopic hydraulic crane and is suspended at 50 meters. The service staff and the chef work in the middle of the structure. You will be able to see the cooking process. The unusual atmosphere creates a unique atmosphere right under the clouds.

How much does Dinner in the Sky cost?

While at a high altitude, you can enjoy a leisurely dinner and the magnificent views of the sparkling skyline and famous landmarks of Dubai. The platform has a professional escort who ensures the absolute safety of the guests. Each chair has unique, reliable belts and can rotate 180 degrees. The platform is an excellent observation deck with panoramic views. The price per person is 176.58 €, considering the three courses you choose from the menu.

When visiting Dubai, be sure to experience the unrivaled experience of lunch or Dinner at a height of 50 meters in a restaurant in the Skydive area. To get professional photos of your vacation, we recommend a flowy dress photoshoot, which will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

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