Couple Trip to Maldives

To make the travel for the couple unforgettable and inspiring, it should be done in the Maldives 

You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a tropical fairy tale, where you will enjoy the lapping of gentle ocean waves, the tenderness of the sand enveloping your feet, the aromas of herbs, and the sounds of the surrounding nature. This vacation will be remembered for its carefreeness and peace. Your consciousness will be reset here, values will acquire a new meaning, and your body will gain incredible strength.

Do you need help planning the best way to reach the Indian Ocean?

Regardless of where you come from for a trip to the Maldives, you need to land in the capital, Male, and then take a boat to your resort. In a matter of minutes, you will reach the place where you will relax, surrounded by the blue lagoon, snow-white sand, and endless palm trees. The climate here is exceptional. However, it is worth remembering that a beautiful sunny day can turn into torrential tropical rain, and an incredible sunset will quickly happen on the ocean coast.

Planning a couple's weekend consists only of choosing a place to stay. Everything else will be done by the service that accepts you. Accordingly, you can choose from such atolls:

  •  Ari – for snorkeling and diving lovers who will be able to enjoy the variety of local underwater reserves;
  • Haa-Alif is the most remote but very popular among vacationing yachters;
  • Baa is the quietest and the most peaceful atoll, which is far from everyday noise and civilization.

Endless coastline awaits tourists from US, Dubai, and UK

On our santorinidress website, you can find additional information to help you prepare for your trip. This refers to choosing the appropriate period, direction, route, and method of travel. Our tips will help you select a hotel and find good restaurants and excursions to fill emotions and memories. And most importantly, you can rent incredible images for a photo shoot, which must be realized in the heavenly place of our planet.

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