Butterfly Garden in Dubai

One of the most romantic locations and popular places for professional shoots is the Butterfly Garden in Dubai. It is a part of the magnificent Miracle Garden, where there are more than 15,000 butterflies of 45 different species. The huge area is a specially designed, ideal environment for insects.

It is one of the giant covered domes with climate control, maintaining the necessary temperature and humidity for butterflies. Unique plants and flowers are planted in this location for the insects to have a comfortable life. The created environment is ideal for all living things in the garden. Accordingly, conditions have been created for visiting people: places to relax, paths for moving, and thematic figures. All this makes Butterfly Garden a bright oasis and a pearl of Dubai and the UAE as a whole.

In addition, visiting the park is not expensive. You can purchase a ticket in advance for an individual tour with a guide or a group tour. The cost is 55 AED for an adult and 40 for a child up to 12 years old; children under three years old are free. As a result, you will watch how a disgusting caterpillar turns into a gorgeous butterfly with bright wings and how its first flight takes place. The garden is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

What is included in the park tour?

In addition to the tour, professional shooting can be organized here. A photographer with all the necessary equipment will be involved, and a suitable outfit, location, etc., will be selected. We will talk about this in more detail on the pages of our website, Santorinidress. Additionally, you can rent a flying dress from us, simultaneously adding sophistication, lightness, and elegance to the frame.

If you want to make your idea a reality, it is worth knowing that Butterfly Garden is located at Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand Area, Beside Dubai Miracle Garden - Dubai. After a walk, tour, or photo shoot, you can visit a local cafe or restaurant and see a souvenir shop to purchase a souvenir of your trip.

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