Flying Dress Photoshoot Locations. Best Santorini Instagram Spots

To have a vacation in Greece and not take a fantastic flying dress photoshoot at Santorini photo spots – in the background of the azure sea and the strings of white houses? This is hardly possible! But with a mandatory note – behind the camera lens there should be a professional photographer who knows perfectly the best photoshoot locations, as well as the features of working with light on the slope of the Santorini caldera. Therefore, the SantoriniDress Team has prepared for you a list of the best photo spots in Santorini for a flowing dress photoshoot:

1. Imerovigli Photo Spot

A picturesque village only 2 km away from Thira – the capital of the island. Here you will see stunning views of the sunsets, the volcano, and the resort of Oia. The Imerovigli houses are extended along the caldera, forming something like an amphitheater. By the way, this is very convenient for those looking for a good camera angle. More sunset photoshoot ideas can be found in the article Flying Dress Photoshoot Locations. Spots to Take Best Santorini Sunset Pictures.

2. Pyrgos Sunset Viewpoint

It is located on the highest point of Santorini, which offers panoramic views of the entire island right to Oia. Traditional architecture, the remains of mansions in the neoclassical style, narrow winding streets leading to the top of the hill, tiny white houses, galleries, wineries, churches, and the best sunset view in Santorini. Pyrgos is truly magical!

3. Vlychada Santorini

Also known as “Moon Beach”. It is surrounded by impressive cliffs of white and beige color, which completely cover it from the land. As a result of centuries-old weathering and leaching of the volcanic tuff and pumice, these rocks acquired a bizarre shape: somewhere it’s a lunar landscape, somewhere caves, pillars, and columns in places they look like real works of art. We are truly sure that it is one of the best photo spots in Santorini.

4. Ammoudi Beach Santorini

Beautiful Ammaudi bay with crystal clear water and volcanic cliffs. It is famous for Santorini restaurants with traditional Greek cuisine and fresh seafood. As well as a popular Santorini location for a sunset photoshoot.

5. Faros Santorini

A lighthouse is near Akrotiri, on the west of the southern part of the island. Gorgeous views open from the lighthouse and its environs – the cape is washed from all sides by the Aegean Sea. It is one of our favorite Santorini locations since it is not so well-known among tourists. It may be the perfect spot for your Santorini flying dress photoshoot.

6. Kartedos

A small picturesque village is in the center of Santorini.

It is simply impossible to visit the most beautiful Greek island with blue roofs and not arrange a private flying dress photoshoot in Santorini. This place is the most photographed in the whole world! In addition to the beautiful caldera and luxurious villas, it is rich in picturesque landscapes, unusual beaches, and amazingly beautiful blue domes, which may be a wonderful decoration for your photoshoot in Greece.

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