Best Places to Travel in Dubai

The website provides the best recommendations for those who love to travel and want to explore the world as much as possible. They offer information about popular locations to explore the history and culture of a country, its values, architecture, and the character of local residents. If you want to simplify the process of organizing your vacation in Dubai, they have prepared several guide tips that will help you choose interesting points to visit.

What do they suggest for US citizens to visit?

There are less popular but equally fantastic locations besides the well-known attractions in Dubai, such as Burj Khalifa, Marina Mall, musical fountains, Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Aladdin City, Blue Mosque, and more. For example, their guidelines recommend visiting:

  1. Al-Madam Ghost Village is a place literally buried in the sand.
  2. Al-Ain Oasis is a city garden with date palm trees, fruit trees (mango, fig, banana, orange), and a fortress.
  3. Al-Hamriya Beach is a public coastline with golden sand, exotic palm trees, a warm sea, and luxurious sunsets.
  4. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Park is a vast installation for energy generation resembling a space station.
  5. Quranic Park is a botanical park mentioned in the Quran.
  6. Hatta Mountain Reserve – mountains, wild rivers, and waterfalls away from Dubai.
  7. Women's Museum – challenging stereotypes about oppressed Eastern women.
  8. Ras Al Khor is the best place to observe an oasis where herons, ducks, and pink flamingos gather.

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