Best Pizza in Santorini

Breathtaking views of the endless blue sea, the majesty of the mountains, and the uniqueness of the villages are not all that Santorini can show. Go deeper into the streets and learn more about the authenticity of the island. For example, visit local restaurants. Among the many local delicacies, there is one popular dish that will awaken your taste buds. The chefs of the local pizzerias have mastered the art of preparing delicious pizza, which combines locally grown products with notes of the Mediterranean style. A good end to the walk will be a visit to the best authentic boutiques to taste a piece of paradise.


Do you want to visit European dishes with a taste of Greek authenticity in popular bars and restaurants?

Santorini Pizzeria carefully selects and composes ingredients that reflect the authenticity of the island. The chefs cook from olives, feta cheese, beans, and seafood and make an amazing dough sauce with local herbs. Many of them serve vegetarian dishes, so that any visitor can enjoy their delicious food. The list of the best includes:

  • Tabasco

  • Il Forno Pizza and Pasta

  • Convivium

  • Restaurante Pizza Edwin

  • Sirocco

  • The Family Pizzeria

  • Da Vinci

  • Poco Loco Pizzeria Restaurant

  • Terra Nera

  • Filippos Pizza

Enjoying a slice of Santorini pizza amidst the local flavor against the backdrop of the island's stunning scenery is something not to be missed. Whether you're watching breathtaking sunsets, exploring charming villages, or relaxing by the sea, the island's cafes are happy to offer you a slice of culinary excellence.

You can look through our guide in more detail and find out what interesting and exciting things to do on the island of Santorini on our site santorinidress. This area opens up in a new way for each person, someone relaxes and is filled with energy, and someone is inspired and explores history.

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