Best Beaches in Cancun & Tulum

Mexico is famous worldwide for the best white sandy beaches and views of the endless blue horizon. The vast majority of beaches in this area are free for local residents and tourists, and their number exceeds 400 names. Some of them are surrounded by lush jungles or ancient remains of architectural monuments or are entirely isolated from others. You will feel absolute pleasure after visiting them. 

Which public place on the Caribbean coast to choose for a vacation?

Beach Delfines is the largest, most beautiful, and most popular Cancun beach. Its length is more than 30 km, the sand is as fine as powdered sugar, and the water is amazingly blue. The beach that photographers love is called Playa Maroma. Its coast is famous for its fine ivory-coloured sand and the most transparent water of various shades of blue. There is a small pier on the shore where white yachts are moored - here, you can go fishing or go snorkeling.

Playa Paraiso is a famous Tulum beach located near the archaeological zone. It is known for its leaning palm trees, which grow right next to the water and give the impression that they are about to fall. Sian Ka'an - "the place where the sky is born". It is the most prominent chronic natural object in the Mexican Kapibax.

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