Best Bars & Restaurants in Imerovigli

Have you arrived on vacation in Imerovigli? This beautiful area of Santorini is steeped in the spirit of ancient history. It is known for its quiet atmosphere, where you can relax body and soul. Our service provides the best recommendations for organizing travel. Suppose you are planning to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and want to choose the best establishment in Santorini. In that case, we have prepared a list of popular restaurants based on tourist reviews.

We recommend you to visit some of the top places with sunset view

Practically all restaurants in Imerovigli offer Mediterranean cuisine with details of European and Mexican dishes. Here, you can taste the best products from local farms, wines from vineyards grown by the indigenous population, and genuine Greek ingredients. Therefore, the following restaurants were included in the list of recommendations:


Avocado restaurant

La Maison

Rocka Cafe

Le Moustache Caldera Pool Lounge and restaurant



The area is also known for its noisy parties and various celebrations. Accordingly, the best bars in Imerovigli are located here, including:

The Wine Bar

The Chill Side



All of them differ, like the evenings. Here, pleasant music plays, waitpersons serve the best cocktails, and friendly companies gather and relax, enjoying the best sunsets in the world.

Rest on Santorini does not end with parties and night adventures. There are also many attractions to visit here to better explore the area. We talk about this and where to stay best, which beach to see, and which cruise to choose for the trip on the pages of our online travel guide, SantoriniDress. For everyone, this area opens up in a new way, who relaxes and is filled with energy, who is inspired and explores history.

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