Atana Hotel Dubai in UAE

A Memorable, Bright, Comfortable, and Affordable Vacation in Dubai Is Possible. Only some things in Dubai are too expensive. Everyone can choose a hotel for their budget, saving money on entertainment. One such option is to book a stay at the Atana Hotel Dubai. This brand new, large hotel with beautiful panoramic views is located on Hessa Street in the Tecom district, close to Dubai's business centers and major tourist attractions.

We offer the best accommodation options with a swimming pool.

Although the hotel is a little away from the sea coast, there are beautiful swimming pools with all amenities and high service. Suppose you want to swim in the sea. In that case, you can go to Palm Beach, the Jumeirah public beach, or any other accessible UAE location. Suppose you are on a short business trip or a relaxing vacation with your family. In that case, the Atana Hotel is the best choice for you.

The best restaurants, bars, clubs, attractions, and active entertainment places are nearby. For example, you can go for lunch before a walk or a romantic evening after a full day at Tuk Tuk Thai Cuisine, The Atrium, Toshi, Lucky Voice, Gazebo Restaurant, Prego's, and other establishments.

Do you want to book a hotel with a gym?

Atana Hotel combines comfort and convenience with warm service and a variety of thoughtful amenities to make you feel at home. It has a sports club, swimming pool, spa center where you can relax and rejuvenate, a fully equipped business center, conference rooms, and a ballroom.

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