Aladdin City in Dubai

Do you want to see something incredibly futuristic? The UAE has always been known for its unique architectural structures, and there's no competition for this one. Aladdin City in Dubai is one of the latest projects being developed based on the tales and legends of the 11th century. Upon completion, it will be a tourist and office cluster in the Dubai Creek Harbor area near the commercial port.

Dubai is constructing another location that will become popular worldwide and attract tourists from all over the world. 

Aladdin City will consist of three towers on the seafront, with one of the tallest standing at 34 floors and the others at 26 and 25 floors. The complex will have hotel and office infrastructure connected by covered pedestrian bridges with travelators. The overall parking under the complex will accommodate 900 cars. The opening date still needs to be disclosed to the public. We recommend keeping an eye on our publications, and we will certainly inform you when this enchanting location opens.

Do you want to know where the new tourist complex will be located? The chosen location does not intersect with the protected area, which will be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Currently, in the size of the future tower construction, there are docks for wooden boats and small vessels. In the future, the bay will change its purpose—from a commercial port, it will become a place for passenger ship navigation and various water entertainment events.

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