Al Mamzer Beach in Dubai

Tourists who come to the UAE to relax on the beach, sunbathe, and soak in the pool want to get the best. For you, we suggest visiting the popular Al Mamzer Beach in Dubai to enjoy golden sand, crystal clear water and a variety of entertainment along the coast. There will be a green area around you, which brings even more romance and comfort. Date and coconut palms grow in the circle.

What are the working hours for relaxing on a snow-white beach?

You will be surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and many opportunities. Some can engage in active entertainment, others can enjoy tranquility, and others can explore nearby establishments. It is important to note that there are timings when the beach is only accessible to women and children, so check the schedule before planning a trip here.

In general, the opening times of the beach are from 8 am to 10 pm, and on weekends it may be open longer. The entrance ticket costs 5 dirhams. We recommend booking your chalet in advance on the official website or locally. Moreover, this location has a convenient location. You can easily get here by metro and bus, go to Al Qiyadah station, and then change to No. C15 and C28. You can also use a hotel transfer or taxi.

What can you do on the beach before closing time?

If you want to live close to the beach with entertainment and a relaxing environment, we recommend considering Novotel Sharjah, Movenpick, Lavender hotel, Emirates Stars, Hail Star Residence and others. At any convenient moment, you can go to relax by the sea and admire the beautiful panoramas of the Dubai embankment. There are beautiful green lawns, shady walkways, bicycle paths and bicycle rental points.

Also Al Mamzer Beach is an ideal photoshoot locations. Our team organizes creative professional shoots on the coast using flowing dresses. We are looking for a photographer, a stylist, renting an outfit and ordering suitable props. The result is stunning, postcard-perfect images: bright, soaring and a little mysterious. If you are interested in this service, contact us in a way convenient for you.

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