Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai

Most tourists travel to Dubai not only for the pleasure of swimming in the pool and relaxing on the beach. Many people are interested in studying cultural and historical values in this city. One attraction that allows you to do this is Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai. This is a fort located in the center of the town, and since 1971, after the formation of the United Arab Emirates, it has been functioning as a museum. 

What are the opening hours for a tour?

At Al Fahidi Fort, every visitor can learn more about the United Arab Emirates. Here are exhibits from 3000 BC, and the museum staff carefully monitors everything. The proposed installations allow you to immerse yourself in the history of the population, learn more about traditions, see ancient crafts of the region, archaeological finds, and much more. If you plan to visit this place, we recommend checking if it is closed in advance because reconstruction work is sometimes underway here.

The grandeur of the fortress is mesmerizing. It consists of thick walls of brown limestone, and the territory is home to high towers and ancient weapons for warfare. It is open for visiting from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Do you want to have a photoshoot in this location?

Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort are located opposite the Grand Mosque. For tourists and local residents, it is not only a historical artifact but also a symbol of respect for the rich cultural heritage of the UAE. Tours can be booked online. It is better to do it in advance so there is no queue.

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