Group Photoshoot Ideas. 5 Tips on How to Get Group Glamour Shots

Photos with friends or family photoshoot are a great way to spend time and capture wonderful moments. But for making it easy and fun, you need to prep for it in advance, so the SantoriniDress Team has prepared a small guide on how to arrange your group photoshoot perfectly:

1. Come up with an idea

For an amazing group photoshoot, first of all, get together with your friends and decide what you want. Start with a general photoshoot idea, then think about the details: clothing, decor, makeup, and hairstyle. The easiest way to create a mood board with inspirational group photo ideas and examples from Pinterest. The more you describe your idea, the better.

2. Decide on the photoshoot location

Together determine the location, because everyone has different ideas about the perfect photo spot; it’s better to stipulate several options in advance. And it will be helpful to go to inspect these locations. If you are organizing a flying dress group photoshoot in Santorini, then the views of Imerovigli, Faros, Vlychada Beach, and Caldera are the perfect locations. Check this blog post – Flying Dress Photoshoot Locations. Best Santorini Instagram Spots to learn more about the best shooting places in Santorini.

3. Choose clothes and makeup in advance

If you thinking about girl group photoshoot ideas, decide in advance what style your photo session will be, because it is important for harmonious shots. Think about what you will be wearing: casual, officially and maybe you will choose beautiful flying dresses for photoshoot. If you want to dwell on it later, then in the dress catalog of SantoriniDress there are more than 70 beautiful flying dresses.

Agree with your friends about which flowing dress you want to book to avoid unpleasant moments. It is recommended to choose different colors of fly dresses that will be special for each of you. When dressing for a girl group photoshoot, remember that outfits should emphasize your beauty, and not draw all attention to yourself. Therefore, do not choose too bright, flashy colors with a large pattern. You can learn more from the blog post – Flying Dress Photoshoot. Checklist of Perfect Flowing Dress on how to choose the perfect dress.

4. Rehearse group picture poses

This point is always crucial, but especially for the group photo pose, as without thinking over the group poses in advance, the photographer may turn out to be the same. It’s best to select the group photo pose that you and your friends will like and rehearse in advance from the interest. So you relax and will not be stressed during your friend group photoshoot, and already in the process, you will be helped by the photographer with poses.

The best group poses for pictures are often those where everyone is interacting with each other. Remember that not on all group photo shots you should look at the frame and smile. If you are busy and look at your relatives with a loving look, your smile will be natural. You will appreciate these photos mostly because they will be more sincere. Below we have selected several successful group photoshoot poses:

5. Relax and enjoy the moment

Relaxation is the key. Both moral and physical. And if the first depends on you and the photographer, then a good massage the day before the friend group photoshoot, as well as a sauna or a bath, will help you to relax physically. Therefore, we recommend the day before the photoshoot to arrange a SPA day with friends or family.

The best advice that will allow you to conduct a photo session perfectly and without hesitation is to make a kind of list in which you will collect all the points of preparation. Focus and try to reflect on everything that can affect the result of photography. And on the day of shooting, enjoy the moments, because it will be one of the brightest days with your loved ones.

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